Monday, August 8, 2011

Hobby ADD at its finest!

A lack of motivation doesn't have to be a horrible thing. I've found myself with modeller's block, stuck on the legs of the megadread, so I've set it aside. I did a little painting, but not too much as I don't have a case for my orks yet, and I'm not painting them just to have them get all damaged without foam. And now I've started major project #2: Da Bommer!

The fuselage

The main body is roughly octogonal in shape, tapering from nose to tail. The nose is still hollow because I have yet to decide of it is a standard bommer or a blasta bommer. I'm leanign to a blasta bommer because modeling up a deff arsenal full of dakka and rokkits will just be hella fun!

And here is the engine housing, where the nacels will attach and the wings begin.

And the engines. First up is the basic engine, jet intake being the first step done.

 The next two are the basic engine nacel assembled. biz and gubbins to be added in the future, after the wing assembly is completed.

And a couple photos of the detailing of the intake. This is the only part that has the detailing done, as it needed to be done before the octogonal housing around the blades was finished.

Well, there we go. Long update with lots of pics. More to come!

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